May 16, 2012

New Sage Fly Fishing T-Shirts

Nothing like having that go-to Tee shirt in the closet. You know, the comfortable one that has a message, possibly representing some internal connection. We all have them. My favorite T is blue and wearing thin across the shoulders and armpits which likely aids to the seasoned comfort factor. It has a picture of a rainbow trout on the left breast. That’s it, just a fish; no words…

I’ll pick it out of the drawer or off the floor and slip it on no matter the day as long as it’s not wicked soiled. The T can be worn by itself or as an undershirt. I wear it to bed a lot. Often this T’s ripeness is the reason I get to doing laundry on a given day.

The T is not one of those items that usually sparks your shopping quest. Rarely do you head out to the store because you need to buy one. Rather, it’s one of those items you pick up as some residual goodness that caught your eye while searching for some other, more glorified need. But this isn’t really fair. I mean you got to put something on when you leave the house. T, is always there for you, it’s always an option. Right? The need for T is great.

So in the spirit of respecting the T, check out these new, really interesting, fine looking Sage T Shirts. And look closely! These are the go-to kind.

Tarpon Tee Shirt Black

Tarpon Tee Shirt Storm

Roosterfish Tee Black

Roosterfish Tee Shirt Storm

1 comment :

  1. Very nice designs! I like the way the fish was formed by the other tiny little fishes. I like the shirt with the shark design.


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