Feb 15, 2012

Joan Rivers Goes Fly Fishing

While it's best not to laugh at another's misfortune, it's tough to quel the chuckle when you consider the breaking news out of Wyoming.  It seems that at the ripening age of 78, Joan Rivers has finally decided to give fly fishing a shot!  How wonderful a setting for this american icon to reach out and touch the natural world...  Wyoming, home to countless streams, stunning mountain ranges and hordes of sympathetic Cutthroat Trout.   Could she be our new celebrity fly fishing spokesperson?  Could her quick wit and endearing charm help drive more folks into the wet wilds of nature?  Way to go Joan!  You go girl!

Poised for success, Joan wades into the arms of the river.  She pauses, studies the various current lines.  She notices little fluttery flies dropping to the water's surface.  There, in the foam line she eyes a rising trout!  She peels out her fly line and begins to false cast, working her line out further and further until laying it down atop the fishy water.  Again, she recasts the fly.  Joan gets a wonderful drift along the converging currents.  Nothing.  No takers.  Again she casts and- Uh Oh. Oh, Oh No...

And down she goes, gulping a cool mouthful of Wyoming stream water on impact.  Like most of her endevors, Joan prefers to jump Head First into the world of fly fishing!  We, however, think she could use a few SIMMS Hardbite Boot Studs for those slick wading conditions.  Don't worry Joan, it happens to the best of us!

Unconfirmed sources at the scene tell us that after growing frustrated at the ineffectiveness of her fly, she actually dove into the water to try and tackle the fish. Hmm... maybe Noodling would be a better fit?

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