Aug 2, 2011

SIMMS IN-VEST JACKET Heading Down The River

With a teary eye, anglers around the globe will say goodbye to the SIMMS In –Vest Jacket.

Bummer… I can think of no other piece of outerwear that offers more value to anglers than this particular coat.

Here is why:

This coat is weather-proof, breathable, light, packable, comfortable, and versatile (it can be worn in a variety of different weather conditions.)

Yea, OK, we’ve heard it all before right? These features should not be astonishing. There are plenty of other coats out there that provide the same features, however, there is one major detail that has set this coat apart…

The price. $99.95 is an absolute steal. I suggest you embrace the thievery and swipe one before it is too late. Letting this degree of value slip through your fingers may create serious frustration down the line.

I guess SIMMS had to reel in their philanthropy budget. Get a hold of one before inflationary prices get a hold on you!


Have a good time out there,


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