Oct 18, 2016

Tibor Fly Reel Highlights For 2017

With over 850 IGFA records to its name, Tibor is a legend in the world of fly fishing.

2017 brings some nice changes to the line of Tibor reels. Nothing major but certainly some things to take note of. The big news is the New Frost Finishes that cost less. Not very often you see a price fall on a fly reel and here's the exciting news...you're not getting any less of a reel for that lower cost. Also New for 2017 is a Signature 11/12S (Slim). The New Slim Model is designed for Tarpon Hunters who seek sealed drag performance in a package reminiscent of the Tibor Gulfstream. In other news the new custom color Aqua is now available in all models. The Moss Green color got the axe this year.

Frost Finish

New Frost Finish

It's not Polished and it's not Matte but somewhere in between is the best way I can describe this new finish. Available in Silver and Black the new finish utilizes Certified Mil-A-8625 Type II Anodizing creating a tough durable finish. Because the process uses fewer polishing steps Tibor is able to produce the finish with less production time therefore decreasing the overall cost. Most reel companies would just call it a new finish and sell it to you at the same price but not Tibor. Instead they are offering this new finish in Signature, Tibor and Tibor Light Series of reels for less than standard finished prices.

Signature 11/12S (Slim)

Thank your Tarpon guides for this new size. The original Tibor Series won the hearts of Tarpon anglers for over 20 years and it's still going strong. The only lacking component of the series is a sealed drag system. The Signature Series took care of that. But the Signature 11/12 was missing something found in the original Tibor Gulfstream feel. To get that back Tibor reduced the spool width of the 11/12 to reduce weight but yet retained the diameter for fast line pickup. Lighter, Slimmer, Faster is what this new "Slim" model is all about!

Tibor Light in New Aqua Blue

New Finish - Aqua

The New Polished Aqua finish is available as a custom color in the Tibor, Tibor Signature and Tibor Light Series fly reels. This new color could really be interesting in the Signature line of reels were you choose the Hub color of your choice. I'm thinking Aqua with a Lime or Violet 3d Hub would look great!

What Didn't Change

It thrills me to report that in a world of ever changing products all geared to drive more sales that a couple companies have chosen to stand behind their already excellent products. This is Tibor! Build the best product possible and let time prove its excellence. With over 850 world records and growing it would be hard to dispute what Tibor has contributed to the world of fly fishing we know today.


Gorge Fly Shop Internet Sales Manager | Product Specialist

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New Aqua and Matte Charcoal on the Right

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