Aug 4, 2016

RIO InTouch Big Nasty Fly Line - New for 2017

RIO Big Nasty Won Best New Freshwater Fly Line
Rabbits and problem!
This New RIO InTouch Big Nasty had my name written all over it for the big articulated streamers I throw for bass. I got a sample and couldn't wait to get on the water with it. I spooled up the WF8F and paired it with a Sage Method 890-4. Tied on my version of Swinging D and hit the lake. Immediately I noticed the extended 15' of handling section in this line. The head length is a total of 40' including front and rear taper but the line also includes a 15" handling section behind the head. What this really helps with is increase the range that one can pickup and bring into control for another cast or re-casting to the same spot. Re-casting to same spot is something I do often in bass fishing when a fish blows up or is moved by your fly but does not initially strike it or misses it. Having the ability to re-cast to exact same spot with one backcast is crucial. The Big Nasty line really made that task easy and repeatable. In the past, short powerful headed lines cast great but were limited to a short area of line to get the power going, Another words lots of stripping line between cast. Just as I have noted in 2016 Rod Picks, "Widen your sweet spot", lines too are widening the sweet spot thus giving us a greater range in the line of casting control.

The New RIO InTouch Big Nasty features a short, powerful front taper allowing easy casting of large Streamer and Terrestrial flies. Includes great features like InTouch ultra low stretch ConnectCore, AgentX and Extreme Slickness for durability and easy shooting, and looped on front and rear for easy rigging. Heavier than industry standard to load modern powerful rods. Comes in WF6F thru WF10F sizes. Available August 2016 for $89.95.


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