Jul 11, 2016

RIO InTouch Trout / Steelhead Indicator - New for 2017

Designed to cast indicator rigs
The RIO InTouch Trout/Steelhead Indicator fly line has a taper profile designed to make easy casting of indicator rigs and give the angler good line control and mending. Enhanced with InTouch Ultra Low stretch ConnectCore for great feel and sensitivity.

Indicator lines have long rear tapers. This helps with mending your fly line. The large front body of an indicator line is what helps it carry the weight of indicators and multi fly rigs. An indicator line can really help with the technique whether it is fished from a boat or while wading. I should note that these lines roll cast pretty well also. With the addition of ultra low stretch InTouch ConnectCore the Trout/Steelhead Indicator line will also provide you with better hook sets.

Also equipped with AgentX and Extreme Slickness for easy casting and welded loops front and rear for easy rigging.


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