May 12, 2016

Scientific Anglers Sonar Series Lines - 2016

Let me start this article with the one most important piece of knowledge you need to know...

All Scientific Anglers Premium Sinking fly lines from hover to full sink are now identified by the title Sonar. 

This includes hover, intermediate, sink tip or full sinking lines. So if your looking for your old Streamer Express, they're here, looking for your Lake Line, they're here too. New in the Sonar Series is a whole lineup of powerful Titan Taper Textured sinking lines. These new Titan's are already having a huge impact in the sinking line game.

Sonar Titan

The sinking Titans have arrived!
Several options here that I want to spend some time on. First understand that all Sonar Titan lines have the Mastery Textured surface. This alone clearly separates them from the other Sonar Series lines which have a smooth surface. Personally I think the next 3 lines I describe have a significant place in the future of sinking lines due to the popular taper design and the benefit of the textured surface.

Sonar Titan Clear Tip
Think powerful clear streamer tip!
Sonar Titan Clear Tip is a weight bumped, powerful taper for easy turnover of big flies, three color for easy length determination, textured for easy pick up and long distance shooting ability and formulated to suit most temperate environments.

Sonar Titan Intermediate
Many Streamer Anglers are discovering the benefit of going all in with full intermediate lines. Getting the running line under the surface improves your connection to the fly and allows for truer swimming action of streamers.

Sonar Titan Int/Sink 3/Sink 5
Triple Density Sinking fly line?! I am already hearing major buzz following this line. It starts with an intermediate running line section that seamlessly transforms into a type 3 sinking mid section that flows into a type 5 sinking Titan tapered head. Triple Density, full sinking, powerful Titan taper, braided core, made for temperate environments and textured for reduced friction allowing for easier pickups and longer cast. Streamer anglers even if you're not a textured line fan you might ought pay attention to this one. We could easily be looking at a game changer!
Triple Density

Non-Textured Sonar Lines

Sonar Sink 25 Cold - replaces Mastery Wet Tip Express
A 25' extra fast sinking tip with floating running line. The running line incorporates a large diameter handling section for better mending and line control. With a braided multi-filament core and Shooting Technology Plus the Sonar Sink 25 provides an excellent low tangle design which increases shooting distance. An excellent streamer line for trout. Measured in grains and formulated for cold-water.

Sonar Sink 30 Warm and Sonar Sink 30 Clear Tip - replaces Mastery Streamer Express
Two version of this popular sinking line. First the Sink 30 Clear is a 30 foot clear intermediate tip with a colored intermediate running line. The Sink 30 Warm is a fast sinking 30' tip with a colored intermediate running line. Formulated for warmer climates and ideal for big streamer fishing. Both lines feature different colors in running lines between various sizes to make identification easy. Sink 30 Warm uses a braided multi-filament core to aid in better sinking and strike detection while the Sink 30 Clear uses a Mono-filament core for clear tip stealth.

Sonar Sink Tip
Sonar Sink Tip
Exactly as the names implies. Sinking Tip, Floating body and comes in 3 different sinking densities, Type 3, Type 4 and Type 5. On this Sonar Series line actual sink tip length increases with line size. It makes sense to me that length of tip would be dictated by rod weight. The bigger more powerful rod can handle more sinking tip and larger flies. The benefit to the angler is you can now set up multi rods to better handle different fishing situations and remain with comfortable casting conditions.

Editors note: 

Too often I see anglers use the biggest sinking tip line they can get on smaller weight rods. We tend to always assume that we match our rods to our quarry. An approach that I have found that works better for me is to match my rod to the type of line and size of fly I wish to fish. An example is I will use up to an 8 weight rod for bass fishing. Most anglers I talk to think 8 weight is too big for bass angling but what an 8 weight can do for me is allow me to fish bigger flies and/or sinking tip lines all the while making casting much easier and less tiring and allowing me to reach further distances to provide more opportunity. Sure if a particular fisheries average size is 12" than an 8 weight is certainly overkill but in that type of fishery I am probably not going to be fishing as large of a fly or have the need to get down as deep. It's something to think about when choosing a rod for a particular species, also consider fly size, fly weight. fly wind resistance and type of line needed.

Sonar Specialty Lines

Sonar Titan Big Water Taper (Slow Sink and Max Sink versions) - This big water Textured line is created to be the strongest of its kind. With a 100lb tropical formulated monofilament core and the strong turnover power of Titan taper the Big Water is designed for species such as Giant Trevally, Arapaima and all Blue Water species. Two formats, Slow Sink and Max Sink

Sonar Saltwater Intermediate - Clear head for stealthy presentations

Sonar Stillwater - Full clear intermediate sink line ideal for lake angling

Sonar Hover (Freshwater and Saltwater versions) - When you just want to get your line under the surface chop. Both versions are built with hover tips and floating running lines.

Sonar Uniform Sink - A graduated sinking line to get a straighter connection to your fly designed for lake and stillwater applications

Sonar Custom Tip - Lets and angler customize a heaving sinking tip line to their own personal needs.

A lot of changes with Scientific Anglers for 2016 and while many changes also bring some confusion I can easily say after learning all the changes, today's Scientific Anglers is much easier to understand and has much more to offer. S/A has always built high quality durable fly fishing lines and continues this tradition and commitment into the future.

Please don't hesitate to shoot us an email or give us a call with fly line questions. Remember this, the right fly line matched to your rod will bring out it's best qualities! The wrong line on the best rod will make you question your ability as a fly angler.

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