Jun 27, 2015

Airflo Super-DRI Switch Float - Now in Stock!

Power Up your Switch Rod
In the two plus years I have been plying trout waters with switch / micro spey rods one thing came quite clear, we needed a specialized two hand trout line! After expressing my need to several industry professionals I finally not only found someone to listen but also learned that others had reached the same conclusion. Thanks to line wizards Tim Rajeff and Tom Larimer we now have a set of trout spey lines that will benefit us all for years to come. Dry line or sinking tip these fully integrated lines have established the new standard on trout rivers across the nation while enabling modern trout anglers to easily gain the benefits of two hand angling.

Finally...a taper formulated for switch and small spey rods with the same feeling and performance you'd expect from Airflo's family of spey products.

After years of splicing, welding, and testing "Franken-Lines", Tom Larimer and the Airflo Design Team have produced the best weight-forward, integrated switch line available today. The Super-DRI Switch is an ideal match for light switch and small spey rods, designed for anglers tossing surface patterns or swinging soft hackles and small streamers.

Based loosely on the popular Rage Shooting Head, the Super-DRI Switch has a compact weight-forward head designed specifically to compliment today's lighter two-handers, making loading the rod incredibly easy.

The innovative front taper is capable of turning over a variety of leader and fly combinations, and is also able to accommodate light sink tips. Perhaps the most important feature is the seamless joint between head and running line, making it easy to strip flies all the way to your feet. For easy rigging, each line is packaged with an Airflo 10' Floating PolyLeader.

Available in line weights 3-6, and grain weights ranging from 210-390.

Compliment your Airflo Switch Float with the ALL NEW Airflo Streamer Switch line designed especially for Sink Tip use. 

Switch Streamer - Designed for real sink tips!

An evolutionary step from our popular Skagit Switch design, the Super-DRI Streamer Switch features an aggressive front taper with a shorter, heavier head designed to make tip tossing a dream. Specifically designed to easily load modern switch and short spey rods, the Streamer Switch will help anglers of any level of skill or experience cast more efficiently and effectively.


The Airflo Switch Streamer is a complete head and line integrated together and includes a 10' Fast sinking replaceable Polyleader. Just add tippet and fly and your switch rod is ready. 

Specs - Short heavy head for turning over sink tips

Line Size Color Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Total Length
WF4 Pale Mint/Orange 300 18ft Float 85ft
WF4.5 Pale Mint/Orange 330 18.5ft Float 85ft
WF5 Pale Mint/Orange 360 18.5ft Float 85ft
WF5.5 Pale Mint/Orange 390 20ft Float 85ft
WF6 Pale Mint/Orange 420 20ft Float 85ft

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