Jan 29, 2015

Scientific Anglers Frequency - Whats your Frequency

Scientific Anglers decided it was time to clean up all the confusion in the mid-price line market. After examining what was available it was determined that the choices were too confusing. There must be a simpler way! Frequency Fly Lines solves this problem

Great lines at a good price...$49.95. This series has 6 tapers (3 floating and 3 sinking) all with AST coating and welded front loops. There are only 4 sizes for each taper (5-8 or 3-6..depending on the taper)

Frequency - Trout (3-6wt) 

General Purpose Trout Line

Exactly what you should expect in a trout line. It features a mid length head for ease of casting and enough rear taper to make mends at moderate distances. It features a braided multifilament core, formulated with AST for slickness and Line ID marking system for easy identification. Looped on the front end for easy leader attachment.


Frequency - Boost (3-6wt)

Half of a line size heavier than the Trout taper Boost gives you that extra edge needed for modern fast action trout rods. Boost will carry larger heavier flies more easily than the Trout line and all the same great features.


Frequency - Magnum 


Big flies, indicators, large dries will all turn over with ease with this 1/2 line size jump Magnum Taper fly line. Looking for a streamer line this is it. 

Frequency - Sink Tip (5-8wt)

10' Sink Tip

!0 foot of type 3 sink tip material makes this the line of choice for streamers and wet flies to get them down. Mid-Length head for easy control and a sink rate of 2.5 - 4.0 ips. 

Full Sinking

Frequency - Full Sink and Intermediate Sink (5-8wt)

Ideal Still water angling fly line. Choose between the intermediate with a 1.25 ips sink rate of the full sink with its 3-5 ips. 

Lot's of good choices in this new series from S/A and especially for $49.95...By eliminating features such as rear loops, multi colors and more sizes than one could ever need S/A was able to bring the price down to a mid-level creating a good line for the price. 

So what's your Frequency!

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