Jan 15, 2015

Airflo's New Bruce Chard Tropical Punch

Bruce Chard's Tropical Punch

Airflo's Chard Tropical fly lines kicks off with an awesome new taper appropriately named Chard Tropical Punch.

Captain Bruce Chard is one of the world’s premier line designers and Airflo has been lucky enough to have him design their new series of saltwater taper fly lines; which are now available at Gorge Fly Shop. Chard’s Tropical Punch Line will soon be the line of choice for saltwater anglers across the globe. Available in WF8F-WF12F, this line serves a wide range of applications and fishing situations. There are three reasons why these new lines are going to soon rule the saltwater world: The taper, the low-stretch core, and the urethane coating.

The compact front taper and long back taper gives anglers’ the best line profile for punching big flies in windy conditions. These lines are built with windy conditions in mind, which is something every angler will encounter on a daily basis in the tropics. You can pick up the line and cast at a variety of distances; quickly punching it through the wind to reach fish with fewer false casts than a traditional tropical line that has a longer front taper.

The low-stretch core (6% at breaking point) gives you the best connection to fish without compromising power, accuracy or adding memory. Traditional lines can stretch between 20%-30%, which will drain power from your cast. With this low-stretch core, you can pick up your fly without having to stretch the line out to get it moving. This results in quicker, more accurate casts, and fewer false casts as you have better control of the fly from beginning to end; plus every little tap and grab is felt through the tight line. There is never a doubt whether you just had a grab or dragged on the bottom.

The urethane coating is the “kicker”. It is the third piece of this puzzle that results in the ultimate tropical line. Urethane does not fade or crack in the sun like PVC coatings, nor does it react to sunscreen or DEET insect repellent. You may have noticed that all three of those factors are problems that saltwater anglers have to deal with. There is nothing worse than having a line fall apart after applying sunscreen and DEET, and then handling your fly line. I have seen it happen more than once. The ultra-slick urethane coating will hold up no matter what the conditions.

From bonefish to redfish to tarpon to snook, this line has you covered for all of your saltwater needs. Now all you need is a tropical vacation to try them out.

By Andrew Perrault
Product Specialist | Gorge Fly Shop

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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