Dec 9, 2014

FlyVines: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer **Plus NEW from FLYVINES**

*Pet not included
Flyvines are an innovative and unique solution to fly fishing’s chief environmental hindrance: fly line. Based out of Missoula, Montana, we recycle used fly line to create lanyards, bracelets, retainers for sunglasses, and other fly fishing accessories. Each product is hand-braided, using a pattern we developed over long Montana winters and while enduring muddy run-offs. As such, each piece is one-of-a-kind.


Are you a pet lover who also loves to fly fish? Do you love to recycle to help protect our environment? If so, you might love the new products that FlyVines are just putting out! Not only will you be helping our environment but you'll let everyone know that you love your pet and fly fishing at the same time.

Dog Collars and Leashes

  • Collars @ $29.99
  • Leashes @ $19.99

These new Collars and leashes are an ideal gift idea for your pet or someone's else's pet. They come in all kinds of color combos and are adjustable and are waterproof...

Flyvines Bracelet

Purchase your bracelets today under $20.
Flyvines bracelets are fashionable for both men and women. The recycled fly line is braided and is adjustable once on your wrist. Colors vary.

Flyvines Eyewear Retainer

Purchase your eye glass retainer today under $10.
Keep your sunglasses on a leash with this retired fly line to help make sure you don't sit on them or allow them to run off.

Flyvines Lanyard

Purchase your Lanyard today under $20.
Flyvines offers stylish lanyards great for all types of uses. For fly fishing a lanyard is essential for holding tippet, clippers, hemostats and gink. Great for ski passes or name tag and business card holders for conventions and other business events.

ALSO NEW To the NW this year!

Purchase your Spey Bracelets today under $20.
Spey line bracelets create a thicker bracelet than the traditional Flyvines bracelets. The recycled fly line is braided and is adjustable once on your wrist. Colors vary.

Log on to or give us a call @ 541.386.6977
Buy Flyvines products -- you’ll be accessorizing with style while upcycling a product that would otherwise negatively impact the environment.

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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