Nov 12, 2014

TEN Reasons to fish Kamchatka

10 reasons why you should fish Kamchatka with Best of Kamchatka in 2015.

  1. They offer the best fishing trout fishing!
  2. They have 3 camps, a jet boat campfloat trip and heli flyout.
  3. You will have the best trout fishing of your life.

 Reason #4:

 Reason #5:

 Reason #6:

 Reason #7:

 Reason #8:

 Reason #9:

 Reason #10:

That's it. How many more reasons do you need, your not going to find Rainbows from Above anywhere else. Now get out there and "Get Bent"!

Jerry Swanson
Fish Head Expeditions, LLC

To Learn more about Kamchatka fishing Click Here

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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