Nov 15, 2014

Korkers Bison Mocs - A step above the herd

American Bison Leather

My grandmother always told me...
Keep my head, hands and feet warm and the body will take care of the rest. This is also the same grandmother who crochet slipper booties every year for Christmas ranging in a variety of colors and sizes, some years much larger or even smaller than the previous year.

Korkers Bison Mocs
Join the Bison Foot Patrol
For some time now I've day dreamt about owning a pair of nice slippers or mocs - nothing over the top but wanted to be satisfied, maybe even proud to own. As I get older I find myself appreciating the little things (even more). Good whiskey, a great bed and comfortable footwear stand out. For years i've bounced around cheap (and by cheap I imply poorly made, uncomfortable) pairs of slippers but have always had buyers remorse shortly after, always breaking down way too soon. This year, preparing for elk camp I imagined wearing a comfortable warm pair of footwear. The idea of walking outside around the campfire with ease and confidence after a long day walking in the woods sounded nice, this same idea carried over into a day on the water fishing.

The Korkers Bison Mocs came to mind!
Korkers Bison Mocs - Bison Leather
Real life buffalo not included

I mostly work from home so I rarely put on shoes unless I know I'll be leaving the house, but taking the trash out or doing odd jobs around the house its always nice to have something on, as winter creeps closer the thought of warm feet is all the more appealing. These Bison Mocs are easy on, easy off utilizing a V shaped elastic nylon split on the inside of each shoe. I have been putting these mocs through the ringer for the last couple of weeks in ranging temperatures both indoor and outdoors. If I had to give these Korkers Bison Mocs one word, "TOASTY" comes to mind, and this time of year that's ok with me.

Kling-On Sole with Jute
No i'm not talking about a Star Trek convention but these limited edition bison mocs do come with the well known Kling-On® sole, pressed with jute outsole providing extra traction and confidence in your step that most slippers/mocs don't even come close to.

Korkers Bison Mocs - Bison Leather
Comfort meets style
Cork footbed - American Leather
This is actually my first pair of footwear with a cork footbed. At first I was uncertain but after trying them on that uncertainty was short lived. Combined with Premium Leather American Bison that is surprisingly soft to the touch but the result makes for comfortable and warm feet. Did I say comfortable, I meant wow! These shoes are surprisingly comfortable walking outside on concrete and make some of my other newish name brand shoes look bad, and cheap.

Korkers Bison Moc video from the Gorge Fly Shop

Slide in and relax - Korkers Bison Moc

  • Limited edition numbered series to 500. 
  • Premium leather American Bison. 
  • Comfort moisture-wicking shearling lining, anti-microbial EVA foam w/cork footbed. 
  • Sole Kling-On® pressed with jute outsole.

In short, I am a proud owner of a limited run Korkers American Bison leather Moc that is very comfortable, great to walk in even without socks keeping my feet warm - "toasty" warm. - Thanks Nick


Gorge Fly Shop - Webmaster

"Durable enough for camp, comfortable enough for hanging out at the lodge."
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*comes in a nice box.

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