Jun 6, 2014

Cook goes Bassin'

I got an email the other day from George Cook (Northwest Sage/Redington/Rio and Tibor Rep). Seems that he found himself in the Southeast side of the country and took in some Bass fishing along the way somewhere in the Carolina's. George knowing the Bass fanatic that I am, kindly shared his experience. It's not very often you find George wielding anything but a two hand rod but make no mistake about it, Georgies prowess with a single hand fly rod is a tough act to match as witnessed here.

Bucket Mouth
The Crimson Red Tibor Back Country reel really glows with the Sage Bass II Series Smallmouth Rod. While all Sage Bass II series rods are serious big-bug, big-fish weapons if you could only choose just one let it be the Smallmouth for its all out versatility with all species of freshwater bass to Bonefish on the flats. The action of these rods impresses me every time I fish one.

Read more on the Sage Bass II Series rods...Not just for Bass!

8 Pounder
Also in the quiver was a Sage One 790-4 equipped with a Sage 3880CF fly reel loaded with a Rio Grand Fly Line and a Redington Vapen Red 890-4 lined out for big big bugs with a Rio Power Fly line also on a Sage 3880CF fly reel. I have one of the Sage 3880CF reels I use on my Sage One 4116 Switch rod and carry extra spools for the different lines I use for two hand trout fishing. These reels really perform great and the minimal price of the extra CF spools make it a great choice when multi-lines are needed.

George's fly arsenal included Solitude's Bass Master in Black and Crayfish Orange / Jawbreaker in Black and Orange / Walt Cary Popper's in Fire Tiger. Black Bee, Yellow Bee and Frog.

Pictured here in perfect fashion sportin' his Sage trucker hat is George with an 8 pounder taken on a Solitude Bass Master in Crayfish Orange color. Is it really 8 pounds, I guess we'll never know but I do know George isn't a small guy and that's an impressive Largemouth so I'll give him the benefit of doubt.

Thank you George for sharing your fishing adventure. We look forward to the next one!

Gorge Fly Shop Internet Sales Manager | Product Specialist

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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  1. Greg, Nice! Calling me out on SIZE, come on DOG!...lol


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