Mar 26, 2014

Larimer Outfitters Presents: Video Analysis Coaching

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Mike and I caught up with Tom Larimer of Larimer Outfitters for a day on the water on a chilly day the first of March. Hood River had just had a snow storm two days before and with that and the rain waters were on the rise fast. We cleared the snow from the drift boat and headed east to the Deschutes River. Sure the plan was to fish but just as important was to check in and see whats new, shoot some video and if we raise a trout that would be great! We did all that and more!

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But the most exciting news I have to share is the Video Analysis Coaching software Tom demonstrated to us. With an I-Pad and a state of the art software Tom is able to record your cast and play back in slow motion on the spot. There's More! Tom than takes this video and using drawing tools and voice over instruction he can create a custom lesson plan that you can view later after your guide trip or casting lesson. You'll get an email from Tom with a link to your personalized lesson complete with slow motion recording of your cast and instruction of areas that you can improve.

Here is my lesson plan for you to view:

Larimer Outfitters Presents: Video Analysis Coaching - Double Spey

Tom deserves all the credit for teaching me two hand casting. Although I have been influenced by many Tom has always been able to point out the subtle issues that has really made the difference in my cast. Now with my lesson I can view it next week before I get out on the water again with my two hand spey rod. Mentally I can be concentrating on the areas that Tom recommended I pay attention to and strive to correct them. Usually by the time I get to go fishing again this information has left my memory but now its a simple as going back and reviewing it. Oh and don't worry about losing the email with the video link, your lesson comes with a login to Tom's site where you can access all your past video lessons. It'll be interesting to go back a year from now and look at were I have improved. Even now as I write this I have a visual idea of what I need to do to cast better. How awesome is that!

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