Feb 6, 2014

NEW: Tibor Signature 5/6 Fly Reels

For 2014 Tibor has added to the popular Signature Series line. A new 5/6 weight reel that is "Saltwater Tough and Freshwater Light" According to this highly respectable reel company. At the heart of the 5/6 is the same legendary sealed silky smooth micro grain cork drag system also found in the larger sizes in the Signature Series reels.

Water proof seal
Founder and Fly Fisherman Ted Juracsik explains the sealed drag system of his Signature reels. An innovative sealed drag system that’s waterproof, self-maintaining and still the strongest in the industry. A drag system that constantly applies seal pressure while in free spool so the reel will never overrun while stripping line. Legendary silky smooth micro grain cork that is constantly lubricated. On the rare occasion that maintenance is necessary, the system can be easily disassembled, yet still remain under warranty – unlike many other sealed drag reels currently on the market.
Ted Juracsik explains the internal workings
Like all Tibor Signature reels the 5/6 comes in the standard colors of Jet Black, Champagne Gold and Royal Blue and is also available in custom colors of Crimson, Moss Green and Graphite Grey for an additional charge. The additional charge is base on the retail price of the reel plus 10%.

Signature Reel Series
Machined Aluminum Drag Hub
Other options unique to the Signature 5/6 is a color option for the machined aluminum drag hubs. Four available hub colors allows you to create a custom look without any additional charge. Your Choices are Jet Black (standard), Crimson, Aqua and Lime. Add these to the six choices in reel colors and the possibilities are endless. Currently these colored hubs are only available for the new 5/6 Signature reel but when I asked about being available for the other sizes I was given the quiet smile that I took as "good things are on the way".

Four Hub color choices

Signature in Royal Blue
Design features include a new lighter reel foot that is well suited for light-weight rods, yet integrally strong. A redesigned slimmer drag knob and other internal innovations make this reel tough enough to battle small tarpon, yet light enough for freshwater tackle.
Specifications - 
  • Weight  -7 oz
  • Frame size - 3 1/4" x 2 3/8"
  • Capacities - 5/225, 6/200 with 20lb Micron
One more point I would like to add; Passion is included at no extra charge. As I stood in front of Ted and listened intently to him share passion for his creation I realize that this is what makes an outstanding product. A man and masterpiece he proudly shared and we have never met before in life but yet he spoke in a tone like we've been friends for a long time. I have great respect for those that can put their passion into their product and I would proudly fish with a Tibor reel any day! Personally I like the Jet Black reel with Lime Hub.

Greg Darling  - 
Gorge Fly Shop Internet Sales Manager | Product Specialist

Tibor Reels
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