Aug 27, 2013

Deschutes Summer Run Insights

Sunset Chrome
It all started early this year. Everyone said there weren't enough fish over the Bonneville Dam. It was going to be a horrible year for Steelhead.

But when you have been swinging heavy tips and big flies all winter, all you really want to do is tie on a little fly and cast that floating line. I doesn't matter what the dam counts are. And when the line lays out and swings sexily without the slightest mend, you know the fish are there! They have to be. And then the pull! The jolt! The grab!

Sometimes I am glad to be kind of new at this, every season gets better with newly acquired knowledge and experience.  There is no substitute for being on the river.  So go! Go every time you can. Go everytime you think you should, and even when you think you should sleep in. There is always at least one fish in the river, and the two of you could make a connection on the next swing. That's what it is all about.

Ignore the counts and fish. It's been working for me since June.

Dan Moved into Hood Area about the same time I did. He’s been hooked on fishing ever since that first Redside on the Deschutes took him for a ride. Now the challenge of Chrome Steelhead is what drives Dan to be up at 3am and on the hour long drive to the rivers that test his patience and skill. I can attest the humbling experience that comes with the days spent without so much as a tug and the rejuvenating revelation when Steel finally comes to hand. Thanks for sharing a piece of wisdom Dan. It’ll go a long ways on the days one must be humble!

Greg Darling - The Tormented Angler

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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