Jul 3, 2013

Sage TCX Rod Sale - Reel in BIG Savings!

Sage TCX
Sage TCX Sale

The Gorge Fly Shop still has a great selection of Sage TCX rods on SALE!

    • Fastest-action rods in the Sage lineup
    • Casts incredible distances
    • Enhanced line feel and feedback
The fastest-action rods in the Sage lineup aim to redefine what is possible from a fly rod. These are hot rods built for pure speed. Those who unleash the ultrafast action are rewarded with awe-inspiring distance and jaw-dropping looks from nearby anglers. Advanced Generation 5 technology combined with a radical new series of tapers accelerate line speed beyond the limits of competing rods. Sage rod designer Jerry Siem also enhanced line feel and feedback. This means intuitively better timing and a new level of casting ease from a series of ultrafast-action fly rods. 

Made In USA

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