Mar 4, 2013

Great Fishing Game to Play with Your Pals

You’re hanging with your friend out on the water and you are both fishing and you happen upon the honey hole where all the fish are feeding like crazy. They’re all rising out there but they are all packed in tightly and really, there’s only room for one line at a time. Since you found them first, you are really hammering them and feeling like an all star.

Your buddy, who is not far away, is having no luck at all, because they aren’t rising up there. You shouldn’t catch them all, as that can be pretty spoiling. You want your buddy to join in the fun, so you call up to him to get in on the action and the next thing you both know, he’s slaying them too. It was nice of you to give up the gold. Watching your pals catch fish is pretty touching after all, but there is an inner battle that ensues between charity and greed that can be hard to deal with. What if they stop feeding soon? You’re watching his drifts like a hawk and your thoughts turn to criticism. You still want in on the action. How to make it fair? Well this is a perfect time for Fish Baseball. It’s a great fishing game, you know.

You’re up: You step up to the plate and you are allowed three strikes.  Just you and the fish now...

What’s a strike?
- You cast, you present your fly and the fish refuses to eat it.
- You cast, you present your fly - fish eats it - you hook it but then it comes off before landing (This could also be called a fielder’s choice. You advance to first and immediately hand the rod to your pal).
-You cast but the line gets stuck in a tree or the back of your head before reaching target

What about balls?
Balls aren’t so important here. Consider each opportunity to be right down the pike. If you lose your footing and fall during the cast let’s say, you could consider that a ball and get back in the game when you gather yourself. But that’s a tough call and comes down to all parties as the collective umpire. You are granted 4 balls but these may rarely (if ever) be used.

Hits and Runs
Being both the player and the umpire, you can award each landed fish as a hit and it is up to you to decide if it is a single, double, triple, or home run. Of course, this may depend on the size and agility/strength/aesthetics of the fish in hand. Extremely small fish could be considereda bunt. Together, you should determine a scale and figure out what is appropriate and keep a running tally of how many bases you have and how many runs get knocked in with every fish landed.

Three strikes and you sit down to lick your wounds. Get a hit and you sit down to absorb the immensity of your prowess until your next at bat.

Game length could cover the whole day or simply just that one inning that you both miraculously stumbled into. Prizes for the winner could range from simple bragging rights to a cold, apres-fish beer.

Not far behind the sheer beauty of each and every fish and the privilege of taking them on a fly, is the tongue and cheek-style bantering between each player in quick lip, baseball style. This is where it gets good, you know, when she says it’s a triple and you say it’s no more than a bunt. Or when you claim a homerun and your pal calls it a ground rule double. And then you start muttering comments about the minor leagues. Even without a 7th inning stretch, you can still offer up a rendition of Take Me Out to the Ball Game for added flavor. You get the idea here. Everyone gets in on the action, and it can add some spice and a lot of fun to your day out there. In fact, I think this is the only fishing game I have ever played. If there are others we should know about, please let us know!

Have a good time,
Duffy & The Gorge Fly Shop

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