Feb 27, 2013

Buying a Sage Grace Rod Helps Women Cast for Recovery

Photo Courtesy of Casting for Recovery
1 in 8 women will suffer from invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. It claims thousands of lives every year, but for those fortunate enough to survive the actual cancer, the recovery can be extremely taxing, both physically as well as mentally. Depression fueled by stress, fear, sadness and fatigue can take a perpetual toll on survivors. Many need help to move forward and regain the will to live with themselves and others. Casting for Recovery is an organization dedicated to the healing process, and like a few other organizations looking to help the wounded, they use the art of fly fishing as a center piece, to bring survivors together and forge a path towards self-acceptance.

Casting for Recovery is funded completely by donations, which provides 2 ½ days of fly fishing and personalized therapy for survivors and those undergoing treatment. The program has proved to be highly successful, helping to heal thousands of survivors in the United States, Canada, UK/Ireland and New Zealand. You too, can help put these lives back on track either by making a donation on their website or by buying a special edition, Sage Grace Fly Rod.

It’s true, with each Grace Rod purchase, Sage will donate $50.00 to Casting for Recovery. On top of that, if you buy one from the Gorge Fly Shop, we will donate an extra $25.00. We think it is a wonderful cause and like all Sage rods, this one is no slouch in terms of performance. 

Sage Grace

This 586-4 fly rod is the perfect all around trout rod.  Basically, it is a Sage VXP finished with tell-tale, breast cancer awareness, accents. Not a bad deal. You get the performance of a Sage, as well as the reward of knowing you helped someone who is struggling, to renew their life through the art of fly fishing.

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Sage 586-4 Grace Rod

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  1. A great cause! Thanks for sharing.


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