Jan 4, 2013

Gear for the Ladies

It’s true, fly fishing is a pastime mostly overrun by dudes.  It’s dude dominated.  However, there are more and more women getting into fly fishing on a daily basis which is really great to see.  Some of the best anglers I have ever met are women.  Take my other half for instance.  She’ll hook two to my one and then have time for a river nap or to pluck some ambiguous riverbank berries before I am able to work the hook out of my ear.  There’s no question that fly fishing is a pastime where women really excel and have a good time.  If I had half the patience, half the ability to learn or to take in the entire scene that my women counterparts do, then my arrival at the gates of the semi-seasoned angler might have occurred much sooner.

It’s true, most fly fishing gear is intended for dudes.  It’s dude dominated.   Which is fine for most stuff, like rods, reels, lines, tippet – you get the picture.  There’s no huge concern here.  But when it comes down to how a boot or a set of waders fits, well that’s a concern; or finding the perfectly fitting jacket for instance.  There are a few companies who have ramped up their selections for women anglers and we are happy to announce that we have some options in our inventory.  You can locate all women's gear our on our fly shop page or check the rest of the post below.  Have a look ladies,


                 SIMMS Women's G3 Guide

SIMMS Women's Headwater

            Redington Womens Sonic-Pro
Redington Women's Willow River

Wading Boots
SIMMS Women's Headwaters
                Redington Women's Willow 
                 Sticky Rubber
       Redington Womens Willow - Felt

Jackets and Vests


SIMMS Womens 
Guide $299.95
   Fishpond Womens
Chica Vest

The Gorge Fly Shop

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