Jan 22, 2013

Hooking Steelhead: Loop or No Loop? That is the Question

Photo: Rob Elam

So you are fishing well. Your luscious looking steelhead fly is probing the river and you are thinking that the tug is coming at any second. Are you really ready for this? The bite, that is. When it finally comes, will you pin that fish or will the hook simply fall away into river shrouded obscurity?

If you have spent any time swinging flies for steelhead, you’ve likely heard the whole deal about how you don’t want to set the hook immediately – that it’s not like trout fishing with a dry. This is true. History says that hookup success is best achieved by allowing the fish to first take the fly, and then turn with the fly before any serious pressure is applied to the line. By allowing the fish to turn, it is more likely that the hook will find purchase into the fleshy corner of the mouth and the angle of the fish moving away from the plane of your line will help it seat. I used to tell my clients to think about steak dinners. Let them chew on it a little bit first.

This is all fine and dandy, but how do you do this? How do you make sure you give the fish some line to run with before setting up on her? Well there are different ways to accomplish this and please keep in mind that not all steelhead anglers agree on this issue. Or they may simply resolve to tell say, Whatever works best for you - and this is one thing I can completely agree on.  Read the rest of this post at Steelheadbum - our go to steelhead resource.

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