Dec 21, 2012

Video - Low and Clear - Finback Films

This dvd falls outside the boundaries too often erected around fishing films. It’s not what you might call, Fish Porn. If you are expecting frame upon frame of fish chasing and eating and jumping and held up on display with mouths opening and closing, then you will be dissapointed. No, it flows past this sort of genre. You get a little of that, but that is not the barb.

Low and Clear is something different. Call it an exploration. This is easy to do with most fishing films. After all, someone is always exploring some overlooked nook or cranny, however this one heads into different territory. Into the nonphysical world… into the minds of two friends who posses two very different sets of reasons for merely thinking about the act of fishing. And the collisions they impart.

The result is real.  Not only is the cinematography revealing and artistically shot with an eye for the pictorial, but the inner landscape breathes deep.  Have a look, I think you're gonna like it (turn off the hd for quicker loading).

The film took best in show at the 2012 SXSW film festival.

Get yours:  Low and Clear DVD

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