Dec 11, 2012

Jerry: "Sage One 8126 Spey - Not for Kids"

This rod is like the 64 Shelby Cobra with a 427 engine. It has ridiculous big block power in a 12’ 6” short and light package. When casting the Rio 625 Skagit short, it doesn’t matter what tip or fly you have on. Fear no longer fishing the T-17 and T-20 tips, or the big ass intruders you might choose to toss. Tips over 10’ or so, take just a little more effort with a 12 ½ foot rod. When you fish it, you will laugh out loud! Besides being light and powerful it is fairly easy to cast and fish, with broad range of power application. It is not like some twitchy high performance rods that have a narrow little sweet spot (that plays hard to get). There are not too many rods that can fish like this one. Winter is here, with big water and wind so far. This rod should be in your hand and in your quiver.

8126-4 Sage One Spey

Running lines are a personal choice. I am experimenting the Frog Hair .024 mono running line and fishes pretty tangle free. I know it will pull Rio .030 or .035 floating running line through the guides, no problem.

Jerry Swanson
Fish Head Expedtions, LLC


  1. Which reels will match this rod?

  2. Hi Daniel, Many answers to the question of what reel(s) will fit the Sage One 8126-4. First up a Sage 6010 in the Stealth black color would make an awesome reel for this rod. It has a strong drag and large arbor design. Also along the modern lines I would include a Tibor Spey 8-10, Nautilus NV Spey 450-750gr., Lamson ARX 3.5+ and a Bauer MacKenzie CFX 6. These are all sealed drag large arbor reels. If you’re looking for something with a bit more old school tradition than I would consider an Abel Spey reel. They have small arbor and Click drag systems that’s sure to notify everyone on the river when you have hooked up with an unmistakable sound only a clicker can make. Plus they come in about every color available and many awesome graphics. The Hardy Marquis #3 also fits this category and the difference in price will be about enough to equip you with lines and tips. Of course there are several more good choices. These are just a few favorites. Thanks for asking. Greg – Gorge Fly Shop team

  3. Thanks Greg.
    I also need the lines for this rod, as I am new to spey casting... Modern system of line weights is becoming very confusing for an old fashioned overhead caster like me!
    I'd rather have a floating spey line for the reel and a sinking tip for the extra spool, as I don't like going thru the loops with interchangeable tips or heads or bellies...
    I fish in medium rivers and sometimes against the wind in southern Chile and Patagonia.
    Thanks again!


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