Nov 2, 2012

Fall Run Browns

Autumn is a special time in Montana. Like most places, it is a time of change – when summer passes the torch towards the grip of winter. The peaks go from dark to white. The leaves turn and break free in the wind. The rivers, they grow cool. Animals make their migrations as do the hunters who follow them.

For trout anglers in Montana, autumn offers the chance to hook very large brown trout. Generally speaking, browns spawn during October - November and they often migrate into small streams looking for areas of clean, moderately-paced current over small cobble/gravel. The actual reds (spawning beds) are easy to spot because they are usually in shallow water and the gravel has a lighter hue than the surrounding river bottom. If you notice reds, please do your best not to disturb them in any way. And yes, that means no fishing!

Streams that are connected to lakes or reservoirs yield the true giants. Given the space and food to grow, lake-run fish can tip the 30 inch mark and more. River’s like Montana’s Madison inside Yellowstone National Park is just one example. Starting every year in early October, browns leave Hebgen Lake and make their way into the Madison, giving those hardy anglers willing to brave the cold a chance to hook a real leviathan.

Not 30 inches or even close

Not only does autumn bring big fish into more accessible settings, but it also has a tendency to turn on the streamer bite. Cold, overcast days can be the perfect time to move big fish. Even those elder, weary fish have a tendency to let their guard down and give chase when they feel winter growing close and their hormones kicking into overdrive.

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  1. The fish is beautiful, that NRX is ugly!!! Nice job Mike!


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