Sep 23, 2012

Steelhead Tips - The Importance of Fishing Short

You’ve got your spey in hand, that rod that can cast great gobs of line, and you can hardly wait to start bombing casts way out to that place where the fish are. You step into the tip of the run and start haphazardly tearing off line and while you do, your fly is swimming not more than 10 feet away from you and it gets hammered by a fish. Chances are, you lost that one because it could not have been a bigger surprise. Does this sound familiar? If not, just wait… It happens with some regularity.

Fish are not always way out in the river. In fact, there are portions of the river, usually in the middle, where the current is most rugged, that are mostly void fish. Fish don’t want the struggle of fighting that type of current. And remember, people have been catching steelhead on single hand rods for many generations before spey took hold in this country. So what’s my point? Well my point is to fish short before trying to cover an entire run with long casts.

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