Sep 25, 2012

Fly Fishing Dreams Calendar

I'd have to agree with Tom and Brian

It takes a certain nack, and just maybe, thousands upon thousands of photographs to reach the level that David Lambroughton has been able to reach with photography. His images are just sort of spellbinding, especially for those who like to fish and do so in places of natural artistry. When I study his shots, I am always amazed not only by how they are framed, but also by his mastery of exposure. To capture what your eye sees is not that easy a thing to do. Like on the river for example… Picture yourself in a dynamic setting – surrounding you are different colors and shades of light- and you want everything to come out looking like you see it. Not easy. The trees will likely come out too dark and the fish is way too bright, blinding almost… But he’s got it. David is a master of moments and place and he brings you there with images that he captures thoughtfully. We all get a chance every year to own some of his photographs at a piddly price. Although I think that most of his images deserve a frame, I can settle for his Fly Fishing Dreams Calendar. He really brings you there. Try keeping yourself straight in 2013 with this stunning calendar. It’s a great collection of functional art that will certainly ignite that inner angler and maybe help you to fill in the blanks in a more adventurous way!

I had the pleasure of fishing with David a few winters ago and since then I have been blessed to receive a few photos every now and again from the field. Here are a few shots from Vancouver Island. Aside from being a professional photographer, David is a serious angler. We hope he keeps reaching for the camera first…

Get one!  2013 Fly Fishing Dreams Calendar


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