Aug 12, 2012

Up Canyon

She is almost dead when she slips into the Yellowstone near Big Timber, Montana. Barely a trickle, she is little more than the warm silt banks that hold her. The ranchers gut her like a lamb.

But her youth tells a different story… Tucked up high, in a jagged wound of The Crazy Mountains, she flows hard. There, she is forever young. There, she rarely whispers.

There, we see a piece of bark moving on a tree. There is no breeze, so we have a closer look.


Sometimes it lay deep and protected...



  1. WOW! Looks like you found a rare gem.

  2. Um... could you please give me directions to this place...

  3. The Crazies are stunning! there are a couple notable creeks on the east side and a couple on the west side along with some high mountain lakes that hold fish. not to mention.. less crowded than the ranges surrounding yellowstone to the south

  4. Great words and photo essay Duffster!! Sorry I missed you while you guys were in town - this having to work for a living SUCKS!! :-)


  5. thanks Steve... yes, i know the feeling!


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