Jul 17, 2012


Fish are returning to paradise lost behind the wall. It is happening on the Elwha River in Washington, where one towering damn has been removed and demolition continues on another.

What a novel idea… Remove those dams that provide very little value to the community but offer tenfold in their absence. Dream this dream where forsaken streambeds awaken to reclaim their honesty. And then one day, pinch yourself.

Like today. Go ahead, pinch. This is where goose bumps come from … chunks of concrete crumbling, falling and washing away the plight of holocausts and wayward refugees… I can think of no better use for TNT. Behold explosives giving life instead of taking it away.

The dams are falling. I see Pink Floyd strumming triumphantly in a cloud of dust and silt and moving water.

Read The Dawn of Dam Removal by by former Secretary of The Interior, Bruce Babbitt

Head on over to Elwha River Restoration on FB for up to date info on the progress.

Whatever you do, don't miss this one when she blows next year... Felt Soul Media's

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