Jul 2, 2012

David Lambroughton's Fly Fishing Dreams

Just got a nice note from David Lambroughton. He’s one of those guys that travel the world fishing and taking photographs. Perhaps you’ve had your attention stolen by his annual Fly Fishing Dreams Calendar or been swept away by one of his images in some magazine, catalogue or web publication... His photographs conjure up nice blends of bewilderment and envy. They often make you want to get the hell away from where you might be currently working. The emails that I receive from David tend to be pretty short in type, but the attached photos uncover words that could fill volumes. Like all the ones before, this next calendar should ignite the senses and that burning need to get out and take a hike.

Wanted to let you all know that we should have the 2013 Calendars in soon and hopefully, we’ll have some screen shots of their contents. Until then, here are a few of David's shots from the Avon River in Southern England.

Avon River - Southern England
E-Danica Mayfly
Have a good time

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