Jul 23, 2012

Bauer Fly Reels at Closeout Prices

Bauer MXP4 - Black
**UPDATE** Please note, we have sold out of all the following reel deals - so the links will be broken.  So sorry for the inconvenience! If you would like to view our current closeout sales, please click HERE

We are very fortunate to carry Bauer Fly Reels. These reels are manufactured 300 miles south of our fly shop in Ashland, Oregon. This corner of Southern Oregon is home to the legendary Rogue and Umpqua Rivers - which have no doubt, helped to infuse a bit of soul and spirit into the craftsmanship of these fly reels. Bauer is a proud company. And they should be; after all, they use the finest materials and they have designed one of the smoothest drag systems on the market today. In a sport where staying in touch with your surroundings is paramount, these fly reels enhance feeling and keep you connected with both fly line and fish. Aerospace stock aluminum, solid wood reel handles, no plastic parts…

Here are some shots of the MX6 which makes for a really nice spey reel – meaning plenty of capacity; smooth drag with great stopping power; weight balances out most spey rods; easy to adjust drag knob. And all this while being extremely sharp looking…

Bauer MX6 - Titanium - Front View
Bauer MX6 - Titanium - Rear View
The MX5 is the perfect size for 6-8wt switch rods and small spey rods (5-6 wts)

For singlehand purposes, simply follow the size recommendations for all of these closeout reels. They all provide great performance from the smallest fish – to the largest freshwater quarry.

Here are some shots of the MXP4 which I love on trout-sized switch rods (4-6wts). The major difference between this reel and the MX is overall weight and the position of the drag knob. Both are star shaped for easy one-finger-adjustment, but on all MXPs the knob is placed on the same side as the reel handle and the drag has slightly less stopping power than the MX.  Furthermore, the MXP is slightly lighter than the MX.

Bauer MXP4 - Titanium - Rear View
The Junior Mac series is again, a solid reel built of the finest materials. The JM series is a bit heavier than the MX and MXP series and the drag knob is round as opposed to star-shaped. The largest of these reels, the JM5, is perfect for trout-sized switch rods (5-7wts).
Bauer JM Fly Reel - Black
To view the complete listing in our inventory, hit: Bauer Closeout Fly Reels

Please note that all of these reels utilize a cork drag system. This is why their drags are so smooth- especially during the initial startup. However, one drawback to a non-cased cork system is that they do require some maintenance to keep them functioning at their best. All reels come with a small tube of oil in order to treat the cork surface. Furthermore, it is best not to dunk your reel in the water while fishing, as cork drags perform best while dry. That said however, we feel that these reels are of the finest craftsmanship and performance on the market today. They just require a little care to stay in top form.

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