Jun 6, 2012

Skagit Master 3 Coming Soon

Well it shouldn't be long now.  Next in Jeff Mishler's Skagit Master Series of films, Skagit Master 3, should be on it's way soon.   Have a look at the trailer.

As far as film makers go, Jeff burst onto the scene much like the skagit style of spey fishing, itself:  With Gusto.  And in the spirit of Skagit, Jeff's films are anything but traditional.  Operating under the notion that innovation leads to progression, the story therein takes a hard look the people, the methods, the tackle and now, the flies that are leading the charge forward.

If being a long time lover of steelhead and spey has taught Jeff anything, it's that the learning process never ends.  Join him and this rag-tag band of soul searching skagit masters as they explore the world of flies and the waters they part.  Nothing like peeking into that certain somebody's fly box!  Although this time, you get much more than a glance.

Have a good time,

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