Jun 20, 2012

And The Winner of The Sage One Fly Rod Outfit is...

Sending this to...
Much thanks goes out to all those who participated in the raffle this past Father’s Day Weekend. As we stated earlier, the winner would be chosen at random. In this case, we wrote the name of each participant on a uniformly-cut piece of paper that was then dropped in a box. Long time GFS employee, Greg Darling shook the box and held it out to GFS owner, Travis Duddles. Travis then proceeded to dig his hand around and eventually pulled it out with one piece of paper crimped between his fingers. And the lone name scribbled there on the piece of paper is... drum roll please…

Kris Wright of Queensland Australia!

Kris, way to go man! We hope you find great pleasure in this remarkable outfit and that it accompanies you on countless adventures in the days ahead!

And with as much sentiment that we present this prize to Kris, our thoughts are with all of our customers who joined us in this event. Thank you for your business and continued support. We hope that next time, you will hit it big!

Have a good time,

The GFS Team

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