Mar 1, 2012

Gift of Gab

Yes, it is time for another Travis Duddles story.  Sorry Travis!

This time our good friend, Charlie Chambers, "lets the cat out of the bag," with this comical tale from Deschutes River Steelhead Camp.  Thanks Charlie, this is a true classic!

Travis with daughter Mattie on, what once was, Northwestern Lake

And the story goes...

Anyone who has the fortune of spending time with Travis knows that he clearly has been blessed, maybe cursed with the "gift of gab". I think this attribute has contributed to the success of the Gorge Fly Shop. I don't blame Travis because I think there's some genetic basis. I remember having long involved discussions with his brother Scott about our favorite topic, food. However, at least Scott seemed to need a participant. I've been fortunate to spend a number of river camps with Travis who I am blessed to call my friend.

On one particular occasion, several of us were up sharing stories, and finishing off our booze of choice. Adding liquor to Travis and his ability to converse is literally akin to throwing jet fuel on a fire. Over time, one by one, each of us said our goodnights and headed for the comfort of a tent. However, while waiting to fall asleep, I could still easily hear Travis' voice carrying on an animated conversation. Given that with a little liquor, he wasn't allowing someone else to get an word in edgewise, I wasn't struck by the absence of any other voices until the next morning.

Over a nice cup of coffee, we shared the same amazement at hearing Travis' voice carrying on a conversation alone. Much to our surprise, none of us could confirm that any of us were actually the one's sitting there with him telling stories. In other words. Travis was having a very engaging conversation by himself. Not a problem because he clearly sounded like he was really having a great time.

Happy anniversary Travis, looking forward to many more camp trips together.


"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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