Mar 29, 2012

G-Loomis Pro4x Fly Rod Boasts Extreme Value

Loomis Pro4x

Concerning the ever-innovating fly rod world, people are pretty astonished by the new, value- priced fly rod from G-loomis, the Pro4x I know you hear it all the time…that term value. Well it’s here again. Actually, maybe we can use the term, extreme value for this rod?

G-Loomis sales rep, Russell Schmidt seems to think so. He actually owns a couple of them, namely the 4 and 5 weights in the nine foot length. When I first asked him about Loomis’ newest addition, he seemed to pipe right up. You could hear the pitch of his voice change.

“Oh yea. It’s awesome! It’s basically a dressed down version of the NRX for half the price.”

“The Pro4x rods are all built around the same exact mandrels that are used for NRX construction right in our Woodland, Washington factory. That means that they have the same performance taper, albeit a little more forgiving than the NRX.”

“They are medium-fast action fly rods that really cast like a dream. I actually put down my NRX last season and fished with the Pro 4x solely for all my trout fishing excursions. I fished the four and five weights exclusively and really fell in love with them. I’m still able to get the distance when I need it and personally, I really like the forgiving nature in this rod – especially when fishing to good sized trout with light tippets.”

“When I’m out there fishing I’m absolutely blown away by the fact that they retail for only $350.00"

Russell went on to mention that these rods also come complete with the full lifetime G-Loomis warranty that includes a one-time “Wild Card”. Basically, with the wild card, you are entitled to a one- time rod repair for free – you just pay the shipping. Once this card has been used, then the rod falls under the general life-time guarantee meaning that you will be responsible for some repair costs.

Furthermore, these rods all have a refined finish and paint fresh from Loomis’ newly completed paint facility.

“With this rod, you get all that is Loomis. Meaning you get the performance and the overall quality in craftsmanship that is manufactured right here in the states.”

So if you’re needing that high level of performance without the high price tag, the Pro4x would be a wonderful solution. The closest rod in the Loomis line-up price-wise is the Eastfork. While the Eastfork goes for more money, the Pro-4x has a smoother, more forgiving flex. For those familiar with the Whisper Creek GLX, the Pro4x is a faster alternative that can generate more line speed and cast a longer line.

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