Feb 10, 2012

Redington Crosswater Fly Rod/Reel Outfit – Best Value For Beginner Fly Anglers

Buying fly fishing equipment doesn’t have to shatter the piggy bank. While indicative of a certain price, the word, cheap, does not necessarily represent quality these days. Present day performance in the value fly fishing market is truly amazing! Entry level fly rods and reels today are formidable rivals to their higher priced counterparts from years past. Beginner fly fishers rejoice! There has never been a better time to enter the world of fly fishing with quality gear in hand!

So you want to go fly fishing but you are afraid of the dollars that you might spend? How about a gift for that certain person in your life whose eyes seem to glaze over whenever the subject of fishing arises? Well, let’s review what is actually needed to go fly fishing. Ok, here it is: Fly Rod, Fly Reel, Backing, Fly Line, Leader and yep, a Fly. These are the basics. All other tools or articles of gear are secondary to this core group of items.

So what if you could purchase all of these together, as part of a package? What if the price range was between $119.00 - $139.00? What if it was shipped free to your doorstep? What if all you needed to do was open up the case, pull out the tools and go fishing? If you are like me and find this to be a no brainer, you got to check out the Redington Cross Water Fly Rod Outfit.

The Redington Crosswater Outfit is the perfect intersection between price and quality for future anglers of the world.

Let’s take a look at what is included:

-The Crosswater Fly Rod is an attractive looking, medium action graphite rod complete with a comfortable cork grip and an anodized, aluminum reel seat.

-The large arbor Crosswater Reel is machined from a fairly durable graphite composite. (There is video where Northwest Redington Rep, George Cook bowls it down a neighborhood street in order to demonstrate its solid construction!) The reel also comes complete with an easy to adjust, disc drag system.

-The reel comes spooled with Rio 20lb Dacron Backing that is attached to a Rio Mainstream Fly Line

-Included is a knotless Rio Tapered Leader.

-All outfits fit nicely into an included rod/reel case.

Just add a fly and cast to the anxious snouts of hungry fish. Nice! Of course this is easier said than done, but at least you’ve got the tools to help you get there…

Redington Crosswater Outfit

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