Feb 14, 2012

Oregon Fishing Report - Columbia River Gorge and Beyond

Is it finally mid-February? Hmm, how long before we ask the same question about April? Although time supposedly passes at the same rate, It’s sometimes difficult to accept this as scientific law. For hardy, winter steelhead anglers it may feel as if it “took forever” to reach this calendar page. Yup, February… we’re trending towards a world of warming water temps, more light and greater numbers of fish in our area rivers. Yes, finally. Now that we are here, tomorrow will come sooner. I don’t care what the academics say. The best days are the short days! When we’re on the water, so much can happen in a blink. It only takes a few, and there goes the day, on down the river. Let your passion speed it up. If the end of April doesn’t just appear from the depths of nowhere, you haven’t been fishing…

Opposing Forces.  Courtesy: Jeff Hickman

Reports have been mixed this past week with chrome encounters seemingly determined by which river you’re on. The Clackamas has been hot from Barton Park and below. The Sandy – fair from Dodge Park and below. The Hood: a few hook-ups here and there- mostly down low, close to the river mouth. Our rivers should sweeten their hospitality this week, as levels remain fairly steady and water temps warm.

By the way, if you feel like casting some little dry flies to hungry trout, The Deschutes has been experiencing some great Blue Wing Olive hatches lately. Look for these bugs to pop early to late afternoon, especially if there is some lingering overcast. Nymph the eddy lines and the slow portions of the pool but stay awake. Be ready to twist on the dry when the snout appears!

Have a good time out there. Send it on down the river…


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