Jan 17, 2012

Fly Fishing Film Tour 2012 Lands in Portland, Oregon

Friday, February 3rd 2012 is approaching. 

If you have plans that do not involve viewing a cornucopia of fish porn at the nostalgic Bagdad Theater in Portland, it is time to cancel them. 

If you have no plans (This will be so after canceling them), then it is time to get your tickets and make yourself unavailable to all other trivial matters.

Built in 1927, The Bagdad has provided a picturesque setting for both film and stage for generations.  When walking or sitting in the breast of this marvel, one can't help but feel awed by her stature.  It would actually make a fine venue for something that wasn't even happening! 

"Hatch" trailer - by Gin Clear Media from The Fly Fishing Film Tour on Vimeo.
But, lucky are we to also get a facefull of video that depicts some sort of story centering around our favorite character.  I think the name is Fish...  Traditionaly this night brings me great joy because it gives me a chance to experience three of my most favorite things at the same time.  Beer, Pizza and Fish.  And, I must confess, Fish humble me as does footage of our wider world.  Watching these videos makes me wish that I could be multiple places at once.  Sometimes they make me feel like I am not seeing enough or doing enough to challenge my own curiosity.    But, my best response is simply one of reverence and wonder to know that these events actually happened at a particular moment in time.

Get your tickets

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