Dec 13, 2010

Why Winston?

Well why not, especially when you've got a company that is deeply embedded in fly-fishing history, conservation, and who is committed to churning out the smoothest casting sticks that I have ever had the pleasure of casting.  Like butter amigos...


It took Winston eighty one years, but now you have it.  The BIIIX.  Basically it is a slight modification on the BIIX that exploded into the market in 2000.  This stick is a prophet of smoothness and sensitivity.  A stiffer backbone than the BIIX allows it to perform in a wider range of casting condtions.
"Incredible" is the only way to describe this new series; they are arguably the finest fly rods ever made. Utilizing higher modulus third generation Boron/Graphite composite, Boron IIIx rods offer unprecedented performance. They have an even broader casting range that lets anglers control line speed for long casts directly into the wind or gentle presentations up close. They feature a stronger butt section for lifting more line off the water. They are highly responsive and very powerful, yet lightweight with great feel and liveliness. In the words of our technical advisor Joan Wulff, "Boron IIIx rods are an amazing combination of speed, power and Winston smoothness." Boron IIIx rods come with our new, striking lightweight graphite rod tube.
Give the shop a buzz if you have any additional questions about Winston and their latest generation of flyrods.

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