Aug 25, 2010

A Beautiful Loop of Physics

All in all it was a pretty mellow night at the Gorge Fly Shop for the unveiling of G Loomis' new batch of fly rods- The NRX Series.  I guess it was hard to garner the interest at 8:00 pm on a Friday night.  Hey man, drop that beer, break down camp, let go of your lady, we got to get down to the fly shop to check out these new sticks!  So I guess that it was no suprise to find myself hanging at the shop with my lady and just a few tattered anglers and shop enthusiasts.  We stood around eating sandwiches, telling lies, and stealing glances at Loomis' newborns that lay like a line of idols on the rack.  Once the gut was full, a few of us went outside to give the rods a throw.  Now I don't really consider myself a gear head.  I'm not that easily excited about equipment.  I feel that there are many sticks out there that perform well and once someone gets used to the action, they might perform really well.  Obviously, there is no discounting a smooth taper, or the responsiveness of a tube of graphite.  These sticks will take you to new heights for sure, however, they are likely not needed the vast majority of anglers.  That said, the two rods that I tried out, blew my mind.

I tried the 5 wt and the 8 wt.  They both blew my mind.  From the beginning, I noticed my thoughts trying to gather up pennies.  How could I make a big enough stack to get one of these in the quiver?  First off, they are extremely light, so you just feel agile with them in your hand.  Secondly, they are very responsive.  Short casts were tight and strong.  Thirdly, they have the backbone to chuck serious amounts of line with little effort and very quickly.  The unexcitable, was somehow knocked off his feet.  In my hands lay a light, sensitive, fast-actioned yet forgiving stick.  I'll be dammed.

So Loomis has this magic wand and somehow they managed to put a faulty reel seat on all rods below a nine weight.  It seems like a stroke of bad luck or gross oversight that this could be.  But it be.  They are presently trying to fix the problem and they are hoping to get these rods out to the general public in the next couple of months.  Rods above a size 9 line and their spey series are not touched by this problem and they are presently available.  We are trying to get our hands on a demo 8 weight spey.  I am giddy at the thought of giving this a go, especially if it feels anything like their singlehand series.  We do have a few rods set up as demos at the shop, so swing by and give them a throw.  Loomis was not kidding.  They've definately got something special here...

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