Jun 13, 2010

Research Looks At Impacts Of Water Temperature, 'Thermal Refugia' On Salmon, Steelhead Spawning

This is an interesting article that builds truth to an assumption that many people have held for a long time.  It looks at how water temperature affects the migratory habits of Salmon and Steelhead and it opens the door to further study on management policies.

US Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Chris Peery:

"Steelhead might stay in a refugia for extended periods, sometimes as long as three or four weeks in the lower Deschutes River or in Drano Lake where cold water from the Little White Salmon River enters the Columbia. Chinook salmon, which have long migrations in a shorter window of time, might stop at a refugia site for days as opposed to weeks, if at all".

"Higher water temperatures is what prompted this study," said Peery. "The managers wondered about the potential impacts of climate change. Climate change is more than just warming; it also encompasses changes in rainfall and snowpack. If there is less snowpack, there will be a dramatic change in the life cycle of salmon."

Click Here to read more about this vital study.

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