May 31, 2010

Swing For Kings Revisited

These fish were recently landed on swung patterns.  Both hookups came in your typical Steelhead water, meaning no more than six foot deep and moving at a walking pace.

Clackamas River Buck...

Although Kings are more likely to hold in the slower tanks, they are far more reckless in faster, shallower water.  It is in the Steelhead water that anglers can present an enticing drift.  There is more action in the swing.  Although there may be less fish in this water, what fish are there, are more likely to take a chomp. 

Deschutes River Buck...

If there are boats present, fish will definately move around and often times, they will get pushed up into shallow riffles.  Anglers should still try to drop the fly down into the water column.  Closer is better for these critters.    

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