May 18, 2010

May On The Clackamas

The river...

One of my best clients, Jim Greenleaf, and I had a beautiful day out on the river this past week.  It was one of those days when you find yourself zoning out, taking in all the surroundings and pinching yourself to make sure that you are actually awake.  May is a fine time to be on the Clackamas River here in Oregon.  Air and water temps climb and there is usually a bright Summer Steelhead to be found out there.

The cast...

It took a few casts, and then Jim found his rythm.  Each cast, each drift, lay down on the river like brush strokes on a canvas.  Water levels were prime but it was a little on the sunny-side for complete confidence.  Guess all you can do is swing away.  Put the invitation out there.  Edible drift after edible drift and so on...

Mid day came and it was time to fill the tank.

The vittles....

After lunch, we opted for a boat ride up the creek.  The breeze was cooling and it helped us from falling chin first into food coma status.  Jim hopped out into a run that has been fairly hot (On the right day of course!) 
About halfway through the run, his line came tight and immediately started taking off.  Nice, fish on!  Out of the stellar blue came a connection with a chrome Summer!  A nice battle ensued and eventually the impressive fish came to hand.

The Fish...

A true beauty, she looked like a ghost laying there in the water.

Look What I Got!  Nice Fish Jim!

After a celebration of high fives and deep breaths, the day continued on, much like it began.  Cast after cast, finding the rythm, we became a part of the river.  She was the only fish hooked that day and somehow, that felt appropriate.  Now and then I would give my arm a little pinch.  Yup, still awake...

Have a good time,

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