Apr 26, 2010

Send Us Your Winter/Spring Photos

Before we let go of our soggy-bottomed, adventure filled days from the winter & spring, we would love to hear how your season turned out. Was there a memorable fish? Did you fill up your waders? Flip a boat? Did you spend time with family and friends on your favorite water? Did you learn a few things out there? Any fine, new whiskeys we should know about? Any little anecdote would be great. Just something to add a little flavor, let us see what happened in your world out there. Ofcourse, photos are worth a thousand words, so be sure to send along a shot so that we can post them and help to share your experiences on the water.

Here we have local hottie and exceptional angler, Theresa Medici with her first ever, chrome Sandy River winter fish. She was the second person through the pool when the line started screaming towards the Columbia. Like a ball of sunshine, this fish brightened the otherwise dreary, drizzle infested day.

Local, swung-fly enthusiast, Dave Gee had destiny play out with this shimmering beauty while poking around on a coastal river. The lice that is tatooed just above the fin can help tell the story...

Please send along your stories and photos to Duffy at powderful1@yahoo.com

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