Aug 1, 2009

A Very SWEET Trout Rod!!!

I get the advantage to fish many rods, pick and choose which rod I am going to fish with. That is one advantage of owning your own fly fishing shop. I have to say that I have been very impressed with Sage’s ZXL series of fly rods. They are just soft enough that they cast well in close, protect light tippet, but most of all you can really feel them load. What is surprising is that with all of these great features they can really punch a lot of line out when you want! Available in 2 through 6 weight rods I have not fished one yet that I do not like. While it is not going to make you look like a rock star casting high speed bullets in the parking lot, it is going to fish very well. Which is what we are really out there for, RIGHT? Buy one today and get a FREE fly line to match the rod!

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