Jul 17, 2009

Deschutes Steelhead

My wife Lyndsey and I spent a great day on the lower Deschutes for steelhead last week with guide Tom Larimer and his friend Jay. We had several steelhead take our fly and give us a run, but all came unbuttoned. When the day was over we had stuck five fish total. That was a real good start to the Deschutes steelhead season.
I started the day with one of my new demo rods from Redington, the CPX 12’9” 7 weight spey rod. This rod is quick and powerful; I lined it to start the day with a 450 grain Airflo Scandi Compact head. This was dead on for this rod, it cast with very tight loops, a real bullet. I was very impressed with its performance with a Scandi head for dry line fishing. I was surprised how well it cast for a $399.00 rod. I would not hesitate to fish the rod any day.
Due to the quick action I found this rod to be a poor Skagit rod, it was hard to get the timing down. That is OK though I generally like to keep a heavier slower rod rigged and ready with a Skagit, sink tip and heavy fly.
Bottom line if you want a budget dry line rod that has lots of power, I would highly recommend this rod and line combination.

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